Do you have a product whose transport packaging you would like to have tested? As a certified test laboratory of the ISTA, we can offer you all common test programs in the field of packaging testing and shipping simulation. In particular, we have climatic test facilities that test your product for any possible aging. We do this using different climatic cabinets and chambers in which we can simulate extreme temperatures, humidity and high temperature fluctuations. Small packages as well as pallets and transport containers are tested. We verify the results from accelerated aging with the data from real-time aging. We offer aging at a controlled 23 ° C or, if sufficient, at a monitored room temperature.

Exemplary tests:

  • Stack test under static load
  • Mechanical shock
  • Climatic tests
  • Vibration test (random, loose load etc.)
  • Freefall
  • Tip-over test
  • Tests with low and high air pressure

Exemplary test standards:

  • ISTA Series, ASTM D4728, ASTM D999, DIN EN ISO 2247
  • ASTM D642, DIN EN ISO 12048, DIN 55440-1, DIN EN ISO 2234
  • ASTD D5276, ISTA Series, DIN EN 22248
  • ASTM D880, ISTA Series, DIN EN ISO 22244
  • ASTM D6055 and D6179, DIN EN 22876
  • ASTM D6653/D6653M; ASTM D 4991
  • DIN EN ISO 4180
  • ASTM D6344
  • ASTM D4332, ASTM F2825
  • ASTM D5265
  • ASTM D 4169
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