Medical devices

In the case of transport, handling and storage processes, optimized packaging ensures product safety, maintaining sterility and cost savings. Whether your product is sent by parcel service, forwarding agent or air freight, in our laboratories we are able to simulate common shipping loads. With the selection of suitable standards for packaging tests and tests on medical devices, you can identify possible weak points preventively or analyze them afterwards. This enables you to derive optimization measures and to ensure the safe shipping of your product. Of course, we also carry out a wide variety of physical-mechanical tests on medical products. As a certified test laboratory of the ISTA (International Safe Transit Association), we are happy to assist you with our know-how.

Exemplary Standards:

  • EN 1615
  • DIN 13097-4
  • ISO 9626
  • ISO 1135-4
  • ISO 3826-1
  • ISO 10555-1
  • ISO 7864
  • ISO 7886-1
  • ISO 8536-4
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