Accelerated aging

With our climate testing equipment, we carry out all types of pre-aging on your transport packaging. We have different climatic cabinets and climatic chambers in which extreme temperatures as well as humidity and rapid temperature fluctuations can be simulated. One of the special features of our laboratories is the universal equipment, which enables accelerated aging of the smallest packaging and tests on pallets and transport containers that are ready for shipping and up to 2.09 meters high.

All data from accelerated aging must be verified with data from real-time aging. Here we can offer aging at a controlled 23 ° C and 50% RH or, if sufficient, at a monitored room temperature.

Vibration test & shock test

4 different test systems are available to carry out the required vibration tests and shock tests for a transport simulation. The test devices differ in the characteristics of force vector, amplitude and frequency range. Both electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic and pneumatic test systems are available in our laboratories for your mechanical tests. With our devices we cover a range from 0 to 3,000 Hz. The maximum amplitude of our shakers is 4 inches; the maximum shock load at 1,500 g.

The spectrum of testable packaging systems ranges from small parcels to transport pallets of up to 800 kg.

Standards: ASTM D4728, ISTA Series, DIN EN 2247

Drop test

Drop tests are carried out as a simulation of incorrect handling and simulation of the transport processes. With the paconsult test stands for drop tests, packaging systems and prototypes can be tested equally.

The automated drop test is possible on objects with an edge length of up to 2 meters and a mass of up to 100 kg.

Drop tests using drop hooks are up to a drop height of 3 meters with a test sample weight of up to 250 kg.

Standards: ASTM D5276, ISTA Series, DIN EN 22248

Compression test

In order to prove the practical suitability of a packaging, compression tests are carried out. The packaging is stressed either by short-term loads or long-term loads, as can occur in storage, in a vertical orientation.

Our compression presses allow automated testing with constant load and continuous load increase on packaging systems in an area of 1.2 by 1.2 meters. The maximum height of the packaging can be up to 2,000 mm.

Standards: ASTM 642, DIN EN 12048, DIN EN ISO 2234, ISTA Series

Inclined plane

On the inclined plane, impacts / mechanical shocks are simulated on packaging systems (such as transport pallets or transport crates), as can be caused by heavy delays on a loading area and during mishandling with industrial trucks.

With our inclined planes, tests on transport boxes and transport pallets on an area of 0.96 mx 1.25 m with a maximum load of 500 kg are possible.

Standards: ASTM D 4169, ISTA Series

Low air pressure

A high-performance vacuum chamber is available at paconsult to simulate the requirements for air transport.

The pressure range of the chamber is between 100 and 1,050 mbar. Packaging with an edge length of up to 650 mm can be tested.

Standards: ASTM D6653 / D6653M-13

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